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DMC (Derma Membrane Complex) £35.00

Salicylic Acid, BioEcolia, D-Panthenol, Codiavelane, Scleroglucane belong to the family of the polysaccharides, gained from the Sclerotium Rolfsii fungus.

- Bind lots of water.
- The TEWL is reduced, moisture loss decreased.
- The stability of the protective skin functions is maintained Vitamin E-Acetate.
- Important radical scavenger.
- Protects in particular the skin cell membranes Thistle oil has a high linoleic acid portion.
- A light oil leaving no film Jojoba oil liquid wax from the olive-similar fruits of the jojoba shrub.
- Is considered by many peoples as medicinal remedy.
- Conditions skin particularly soft.
- Protects it against moisture loss.

Impure, mature skin demands more from care. Besides the countering of impurities, anti-aging ingredients are the centre piece. Vitamins are a significant element of this anti-aging care. Besides the radical scavenger vitamin E, encapsulated retinol is one of the powerful ingredients. The liposomal encapsulation improves the bio-availability and penetration ability of vitamin A. It provides for a retarded ingredient delivery and a longer lasting effect.

DMC - Derma Membrane Complex, salicylic acid, Bioecolia, D-Panthenol, thistle oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E acetate, Codiavelane, Scleroglucane Vitamin A - encapsulated Retinol.

- Anti-Aging effect with retard effect
- The retarded ingredient delivery increases the bio-availability of vitamin A
- Improves the cell-division rate and rebuilds skin
- Has a positive effect on the keratinisation process

Mornings and evenings, apply to cleansed skin.